Comments by a Parent and Previous Students on Dr. Fenger’s helping style:

“Dr. Fenger is a long time teacher and educator.  He has practiced as a counselor and therapist.  His primary interest is in assisting a student recognize and realize their personal learning potential.  His secondary interest is assisting a parent or teacher understand and practice their roles in fostering the progress of the student.  He accomplishes that by assisting them place the student at the center of their combined learning efforts through questions and connecting ideas.”

“I was stuck.  He took me back to where I needed help and when I got stuck again he helped me find a way to get unstuck.  After that I just emailed or called him.”

“He really knows how to get into math and how to put things together.  But he doesn’t give you the answers, he knows how to help you figure it out so you can help yourself.”

“He has a workbook that can help you with almost any subject.  It takes time to get through it but when I was finished, I had a better idea of how to read and study.”

“I thought I would need a tutor forever because I was really lost.  After he worked with me he helped my mom to know how to help me.   Sometimes we both needed him and he helped us both.  After that, I felt good that I could get just about anything because I knew I could always get some help.”

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