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‘How You Learn It’ Workbooks

The workbooks are designed around the ten step ‘How You Learn It’ process. The ten steps are named and described somewhat differently in each of the three different workbooks depending upon the audience to which the workbook is addressed.

Teacher/Parent Workbook

The Teacher/Parent workbook outlines the task of the teacher/parent and their role in leading the student discussion through the learning and practice of the HYLI learning process. True to the HYLI goal of putting the student at the center of the learning process, the teacher/parent is reminded: “…you are not the one that determines where the idea should be connected in the student’s mind, nor do you determine if it is connected strongly enough….Only the student can attest to those learned outcomes.” How the student may react to the HYLI process is described and appropriate leader responses are outlined. To lead the learning of the process, the teacher/parent is reminded that they need to acquire a firm foundation in the process as well. To achieve that foundation, familiarization with both the student and leader workbooks is recommended.

The blog is also available to the leader for questions to the author. Potential student and leader questions and a number of learning exercises are described and surveyed in the workbook. Some hints at what to be prepared for in leading the discussion are also addressed. It is assumed that the process of acquainting the student to the method will take more than two actual run-throughs.

The author is available to consult with teacher/parent leaders on a paid basis for larger school or district rollouts. Contact Dr. Fenger to discuss your needs and objectives.

High School Student Workbook

A high school student workbook is available. In addition to a naming and description of the steps in appropriate vocabulary, suggestions to the student about taking responsibility for their learning of the HYLI process highlights this edition. The workbook questions the student about their experiences, questions, and response to the workbook and how they intend to follow up its learning though steps in its use. The cost per workbook is $15.00.

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Grade School Student Workbook

A grade student workbook is also available. The steps are outlined and described with age appropriate exercises to exemplify each step and how they work together. The workbook is written in a vocabulary familiar to the ten year old but students in fourth to eighth grade find it easy to follow and learn the process. The cost per workbook is $ 15.00.

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