How You Learn It Study System

how-you-learn-it-book-coverDr. Fenger’s present book builds upon his life work and explores the fundamentals of how people learn while creating a method to augment that learning: “The Game of American Education, We are Losing, but We can End it.”

After interviewing parents, teachers, and school administration staff, a picture of misdirected and often fruitless efforts to achieve content learning in a variety of educational venues emerged. It appears few of those who are responsible to educate students actually achieve effective and lasting learning. Most teachers, parents, and students do not know how learning is accomplished.

The general approach to teaching is lecture oriented apparently in an attempt to present idea content to students without giving the students any guidance in how to fit the ideas together or relate ideas to the interests and background of the students. Students frantically make notes but show little understanding of how to consult the notes for learning or for any organized evaluation of that learning. Indeed, little time and effort is made to encourage the learner to work with the presented material to make it compatible with the students’ understanding and to help them become accustomed enough with the new ideas to use them in discussion or problem solving. The student is left alone to appropriate the learning for exam taking which generally amounts to memorization of the material. As a consequence, familiar knowledge of the material is regularly forgotten following testing and is seldom available for higher order learning or its use in informing life decisions.

From his lifetime of teaching and his research to understand the various styles of learning as well as his knowledge of how the brain functions as learning occurs, Dr. Fenger presents a method to achieve a more profound learning experience by opening the student’s mind to the content material, putting it into their own words, and connecting it to existing learning to allow higher order connections so the student can actually use the material in discussions with others and in daily problem solving efforts.

The learning method is spelled out in a succession step process. In addition, he outlines how that process can be introduced in public schooling and in private lessons. He has created workbooks which are available for parents and teachers, grade and high school students, and corporate training managers to facilitate the learning of the method and its application to content learning of any subject.

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