Several Competitions are presently being conducted to encourage the dissemination and use of the book and workbooks:

District Consultation Competition

When your district elects to install the HYLI program, the author will assist the superintendent and planning department to explore a roll out of the program as described in chapters 6 and 7. For the first five districts, the fee will be $250.00 plus author’s travel and expenses billed to the district. The consultation will take place over three days to include travel time of the author. In those three days as many presentations and discussions of the HYLI program will be given as can be scheduled with maximum attendance of 30 teachers and/or assistants in each program. The program offered in this competition is the delivery program and not the research program. After a school year of offering the HYLI program, a report will be written on experiences of all five districts and those reports will be submitted. The author will select the best of the five programs and the winner will be announced and interviewed on national media.

Teacher Evaluation Process Competition

Individuals including teachers, district staff, and readers of this book, will be encouraged to submit their concept of a teacher evaluation process which is based on the HYLI program plus any additional process information. These submissions must occur before the end of the school year of the year the book appears in publication. Thus it is believed the competition will have received all of its submissions by June first of 2014. Four proposals will be selected by this author from those submitted. Those four proposals will be aired on national media for comparison and debate. The winner of the competition will be chosen by a panel of judges to be announced and will receive an award of $500.00. Adoption of the evaluation process will be up to each district and state and may not include any of the four submissions chosen as finalists.

Parent HYLI Use Competition

Each of the first five PTAs to submit the names and written proposals of at least five families who will install the HYLI process and instruct it to a minimum of five children in a group or individual setting will receive an award to the PTA of $50.00 and an award of $50.00 each to the head parents writing and submitting the proposal. Maximum amount to be rewarded for all submissions is $600.00. Free telephone consultation to each of the winning family groups will be provided by the author through the end of the first school year after the award.

Two proposals from at home instruction families will also be entertained. The two will be selected from the first six proposals submitted and each will receive an award of $50.00. Free telephone consultation to each of the winning families will be provided by the author through the end of the first school year after the award.

Student Learn to Learn Competition

Each of the first six students who submit a description of what they have done to learn how to learn in adopting the HYLI process as described in chapter eleven and which is confirmed by their parents in writing, will receive an award of $50.00. The submission must describe the character of the “Teacher Speak” instructor and how the student progressed through learning to address questions to others. The submission also must include examples of how the student expressed their ideas in their own words.

In the event that a student learns the HYLI process through asking questions of a teacher in or out of class, the teacher must confirm the student’s efforts and results in writing. Parent confirmation without teacher confirmation will not be sufficient in determining eligibility for this award. The number of awards to be made in this category will be three for a total of nine student awards.

Note: Decision of the Judges for the Teacher Competition will be final as will be the decision of the author in each of the other competitions. To be eligible for any of the four awards, the submission must include a statement granting the author permission to share the submission as an example to other schools, teachers, parents and students at his discretion. All submissions are to be made via the blog.

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