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Up to this time visitors have had little to comment on. But this begins the weekly discussions about education that were envisioned when the site was begun.
For the last couple of months we have been receiving around 45 hits a day. And the book has sold a few copies. I am asking those who get the book to please write a review so readers can get the advantage of other minds as they contemplate jumping into the issues of the present educational games. I will be asking some of my friends to get the book and write some reviews so in a while there should be plenty of perspectives out there for you to compare as you contemplate getting the book and joining my two thousand friends as we seek to make some impact on education.
Where can one start? The mess has so many parts it often looks hopeless for a single person to jump in and begin discussing or looking for a lever to make some impact. I originally thought that parents would be a place to begin because so many have turned over their responsibility to educate their children to the schools. There are still over two million home schoolers who have kept their responsibilities active and the site has workbooks to assist them in understanding how people including children learn and to give them hints as to how to assist their children process the material the parents put before them.
When I started this project I interviewed over 700 parents, teachers and other educators about their understanding of how people learn. Most thought they knew the answer to that question but upon exploration discovered they did not really know what needs to happen to learn something so the learner can use the information in their life. What I also learned is the most people THINK they know but really have little motivation to find out the fundamental aspects of learning because they think they already know. So so effort has to be put into helping people know that their knowledge of how people learn is inadequate and needs to be updated. I have attended several conferences for teachers to learn the latest in the changes in the modern technology of learning but none of them start the process by reminding people about the fundamentals of learning so much of the discussion becomes misguided by the bias of the person who has invented something but who also does not know what people have to do to really learn. So once again the need to make money out of learning becomes the driving force for advancement that only makes the confusion of the money game more pronounced.
So the message of this writing is: let’s get the word out about the necessity of knowing the basics as a beginning point of efforts to make an impact on The Games of American Education. Please ad your comments below. Thanks for joining us.