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‘How You Learn It’ Corporate Learning Program

“Become a Learning Organization, explore to discover an educational process that is based on brain engagement and puts everyone in your organization on the same page. Learn anything in half the time. Be certain you know it and build your team so they can learn for life as their own instructors no matter what the learning challenge might be. Put the ‘Earn’ in Learning.” ~ Nick Fenger, Ph.D.


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Description of Corporate Learning to Learn Program to Become a Learning Organization

Most organizations have profit and its growth as the main focus of their efforts. The foundation for that growth must emphasize making planned changes a major part of the company’s business plan, as growth without change is impossible. How does planned change effectively happen: perform regular evaluations of achieved results which highlight specific and necessary changes in product and service improvements to fuel those new products and growth. Making those changes, may in turn require the change of employee job descriptions or the hiring of additional employees with new skills to achieve those job goals. The coordination of those changes will be best facilitated and achieved by the creation of a culture of planned learning. How is that culture best achieved: insuring that every employee is versed in and practices learning to learn on their job! Learning employees are challenged to find improvements. A culture of learning orients every employee to respond to those challenges.

The most productive approach to achieving a culture of learning is to hire and/or train every one of your employees to practice learning how to learn new and improved skills and behaviors. Question: will you find enough employees who have had that training and focus in their previous work and education? A few yes; but enough employees to round out a complete team who can begin the first day on their jobs knowing what changes to make and how to continue those efforts for the realization and completion of your future business plans? Probably not. Finding the right employees to set up and run a new business is hard enough. But finding employees who already have the knowledge to learn all that will be needed to insure your future growth and success is almost impossible. American education does such a marginal job of creating graduates who know how to learn that it would be foolish to assume that you will be able to populate your working teams with top flight employees who have already learned how to learn for your company’s future. Conclusion: you will need to train them. The HowYouLearnIt workbook program will meet that need. And it is the only one available nationally with proven ability to assure the realization of your company culture and profit growth objectives.

This program does not focus on the development of specific technical skills in any business function. What it does is present and develop the skill of learning how to learn so one can master any business skill needed. It accomplishes that by defining and describing how learning happens then practicing the ten skills necessary to accomplish learning about and improving any particular job. But learning and describing is not enough to master a particular skill. One must use that skill in discussion with others and practice that skill in actual problem solving situations to insure their mastery. To that end, Trainer and Participant workbooks have been developed. Your company program can take either or both of two approaches: 1) Train all of your employees to learn and practice learning to learn skills, or 2) Redesign each of your company training programs to incorporate learning to learn skills in one or more of your programs. By using the learning to learn skill set included in both programs, you will be able to create a culture of learning and planned change.

Why does your company need this program? Most of your employees (including yourself perhaps) have likely not changed how they go about learning since the time they left school: listen to the teacher, read the book, take notes and memorize them for the test, then forget what you learned because the words you memorized weren’t your words so you do not use the information in a familiar and comfortable way in discussions so what you learned got set aside and forgotten. If you remembered one or two things you learned you were lucky.

Research on learning has demonstrated that a teacher talking at members of a class is not an effective way of passing on new knowledge. Instead, the individual learner must open their mind to the need for learning and connect new ideas to their old ideas in the words they use to make those connections, otherwise they will remain unrecognizable when the new ideas need to be used. As the person gains more and more experience, their ideas need to be differentiated such that more and more similarities and differences in like situations and products can be recognized. It is the increasing differentiation of particular ideas and actions that creates the advancement of all human knowledge. It is also the basis of how your company will discover and incorporate needed changes in improving your products and services and the creation of new products which will allow your improving profit efforts to materialize.

See how it is necessary to understand previous learning practices and how students learn in order to recognize why and how changes need to be made in order to accomplish meaningful improvement? The need for change should be the basis of how your corporate learning to learn activities should be developed and practiced.

The question of how should a CEO lead is a crucial one for everyone who realizes that leadership requires lifetime learning in order to be more encompassing in one’s self awareness and the ability to connect with others in a meaningful effort to develop not only ones self but also the group of committed people who are necessary to effect dynamic change in any organization.  As I have worked with CEO’s, I find the major stumbling block in their growth to be their inability to understand the limitations to the vision they hold for the organization.  For most, they believe their responsibility is to sell their vision of the goals and growth process of the organization they developed in their road to the top job.  Most CEOs who make it to the top believe they have spent adequate time while in lower positions learning from everyone else who wants the job and as a consequence they possess the “Best and most comprehensive” view of how to make the organization a success and that view is superior to everyone else’s because they didn’t get the job.  So as the winner of the competition for the CEO position, their success lies in getting others to buy in to their perspective and vision.  For some that task can provide the energy and vision to last a lifetime because they see the problems in getting others convinced that unless their vision becomes the shared vision of the organization, the organization will not achieve its true potential as the CEO sees it.

Unfortunately it very often takes coaching from an outside person for the CEO with such a vision to recognize its limitations.  Indeed the task for the CEO is not to sell his vision to the organization but to assist others in the organization to formulate their own visions and to have individuals team up to share their visions with others so the value of each person’s vision is understood and evaluated.  This process is a difficult one for individuals who believe they have to have the “best” vision so they can become the next CEO and try to justify their vision to others instead of searching for the values that the organization needs to fuel its improvement and growth.  Can you see that the CEO’s values in selling his vision to others, sets the tone for the process that others buy into in their selfish desire to lead?  Instead when the CEO recognizes that his vision needs to be tested by the organization so a superior vision can be vetted through the buy in of those who make the effort to discuss, evaluate, and test their visions, so in turn a more comprehensive vision can be adopted.   When the CEO creates a culture of learning and idea testing instead of selling ideas, he creates the skills in himself and his subordinates to risk improvement and thus create the process that will provide the tested direction and vision that will lead to a continuously improving organization.  Only that kind of an organization can take on all competitors, political surprises, the vagaries of their customers as well as the superficial differences between its employees to create an enduring organization that can challenge and reward all involved including the profit demands of its investors and the green demands of its environment to which all should be committed to respect.
Download the ten ‘How You Learn It’ Steps Here

Fees for Various Program Approaches

1) Train all of your employees to learn and practice learning to learn skills: Each trainer should attend a How You Learn It introductory session which will include both trainer and participant workbooks and the rights to copy the participant workbooks for a number of employees. As the program is designed to have a minimum of 6 employees in each section of the program, the workbooks and training for one trainer will be billed at $2,300.00. Dr. Fenger will be in attendance for the training for twelve hours on your company site. His travel and daily expense will be in addition to that figure. For the training of two trainers at the same time, the expense will be $2500.00. Two trainers are recommended in the case of inability of one trainer to handle the single class. Those prices assume the printing cost of the workbooks will be handled by the company. As the usual number of participants is recommended to be 15 per class, the right to print that many participant workbooks can be calculated on a class or yearly basis. On a class basis, right to print the workbooks is billed at $125 per class. A yearly unlimited printing right cost per 15 participant workbooks and two trainer books is billed at $1000.00. Cost to print for a larger number of concurrent classes is available on a case by case basis at reduced cost.

2) Redesign each of your company training programs to incorporate learning to learn skills in one or more of your programs: Dr. Fenger will travel to your sight and work with two trainers to learn to redesign your training programs. This consultation will be billed at $2,400.00 per day plus expenses and you retain the rights to offer your programs on all company sites for seven years no matter the number of your course offerings. If you wish to sell your redesigned programs to others users, the cost will be negotiated. Extension of your right to offer the program can also be negotiated.

Note: Examination copies of the trainer and participant workbooks are available at $100.00 the pair with no rights to copy and distribute to your employees for their independent use. Multiple examination copies for distribution to your management for evaluation of the program are available upon request and payment of a multiple copy examination fee. Please contact Dr. Fenger through this website with your request.

Option for Independent Trainers to Learn to adapt courses to How You Learn It Programming

Cost will be billed at $1,500 per day when you travel to his office. Dr. Fenger will consult with you on writing How You Learn It Programming into your course with rights to your use for seven years. He will also witness your presentation and consult on your delivery for $2500.00 per day plus expenses. Extended rights to offer or sell your course can be negotiated. Examination copies are available at $100/pair.

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