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Dr Nick Fenger How You Learn ItThroughout his professional career, Dr. Fenger has been a much sought after speaker. After his first degree in psychology, he regularly addressed company and private audiences in an effort to explain the sources and remediation of many psychological issues and problems including understanding of mental biases that contributed to the inability of people to open their minds to accept those with mental impediments and how families could address dysfunction and mitigate its negative influence on other family members. He also gave many talks on specific dysfunctions to help the public understand and respond positively to those who had difficulty in social interaction and fitting in to difficult and challenging work situations. As a child he struggled with ADD and gave many seminars and programs on possible ways to remediate and deal with the issue as a sufferer, family member, and associated school person.

During his time of consulting with business Dr. Fenger addressed over one thousand different business, public, and professional groups. He has made presentations on almost any imaginable topic from “How Do You Know a Leader When You Hear One” to “Why and How it takes A Vision to Lead the Way,” and “Does Your Team Know the Rules of Your Game?” His most popular subjects to date have been: “What Part of Murphy’s Law Don’t You Understand?” and “Why Does a Leader Ask Too Many Questions?” He has been received as a motivational speaker for diverse groups as well as presented a survey of specific ideas on how to do any of the Leadership skills contained in his many guides including Communication, Problem Solving, Time Management, Meeting Leadership, Team Building, Successful Negotiating, Interviewing New Hires, Maintaining and Improving Productivity, Strategic Planning and “How to get Your employees to Take Over Your Job.” After all, one of his best guides covers addressing groups on “How to Get Murphy To Stop Fighting You, the Business Leader’s Guide to Speeches and Presentations,” first written for Southwestern Bell’s (now a part of ATT) management series.

Recently as he has changed focus to education, he has addressed groups on “Why We don’t Know How People Learn,” “What it Takes to Develop Students with a Burning Desire to Learn,” and “The Seven Things Successful People Say Every Day.”

In connection with the publication of his book The Game of American Education, Dr. Fenger plans to conduct a series of regularly scheduled webinars to address issues in Education. As there are many issues that need dealing with, he does not look to go through all the subjects in some years. His book is addressed to the public who pays for general education for all students up to age sixteen, Elected Officials who are responsible for funding and measuring the results public education achieves, School Administrators who are responsible for interpreting what their constituents want to accomplish with their schools, Teachers who responsible for leading classroom achievement, Parents who pay for and raise the children who engage in the local educational process, Parents who prefer to homeschool their children, and the students who work to become competent within the framework of public education.

His book lays out a program to reform public education so it is focused on succeeding to make every student to take responsibility for their own educational success. That reform is based upon installing the How You Learn It process in each student’s learning habits and activities. Here are a few of the projected subjects of the webinar series:

Please use the blog to let him know which subjects are high on your wish list and what you would like to see covered in that program.

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