About Dr. Nick Fenger

Dr Nick Fenger How You Learn ItDr. Fenger has over 25 years’ experience as a psychologist, business consultant, and educator. He received his PhD. In Education and Counseling from St. Louis University after several years as a Lane Foundation Scholar and Danforth Fellow. In his first position as a consultant to a group of Directors of chemical research programs for a large multinational company, he was responsible for assisting their growth as managers and entrepreneurs in developing and building marketing and sales organizations concentrating on innovation of product development and customer relations. The goal of his work was to keep learning and innovation at the center of the group’s efforts. Several of these directors started their own companies and he joined them in directing the learning and development of their organizations. As a consequence of this beginning, Dr. Fenger has remained focused on learning, innovation, educational curricula and programing and their application to creating successful businesses for his life time.

While teaching over 7000 students at a number of colleges and graduate programs in the areas of business and the applications of psychology in addition to working full time in consulting, he developed a following of people who regularly consulted him for coaching in many life and parenting areas as well as the task of maintaining an organization’s vision on the future and the needs of education and training of its employees in their response to the challenges of growth and change. He also conducted research in improving problem solving processes and defining and developing how people learn. In the 1990’s he developed an inventory process to describe learning styles and their relationship to the issues of problem solving and how people approach them.

Following that work he specialized in the area of organizational training and development in mergers and acquisitions and improving their results through management and coaching. He consulted on more than three dozen mergers and acquisitions of varying sizes and industries, improving financial results and the development of new products while focusing on challenging employee learning and growth. Subsequently, he wrote and published: The Manager as Coach, Remodel your Management Style, which remains a classic in the field of developing managers beyond their skills of directing and controlling subordinates to developing their cooperative team orientation skills in resolving business problem solving and growth issues.

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